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Episode 33: ACC Tourney Pre-Show

Not even a so-so Skype connection can keep Shane and Ariana from "previewing" the ACC tournament, by which we mostly mean having the conversation we've been dying to have about J-Rob, since Ariana missed the post-UNC pod. We talk about our hero, and Duke's chances to prevail in the conference tournament and beyond. Coach K knows there's an answer. Sponsored by the coronavirus.

Episode 32: J-ROB and the Carolina Sweep

It's the Justin Robinson game! There's a lot to say about the second UNC win, and here to say it is Shane, Aaron, Shane's stepdad, and a very special intro from Shane's mom. It's a family affair, plus Aaron, and we're here to talk about the man of the hour. There's also plenty of Tre Jones, and we're all Vernie Bros again. Plus, should Coach K be fired for missing J-Rob all this time. It ends with Shane forcing Aaron to say something nice, and of course the Skype connection goes shoddy.

Episode 31: Hoo Boy

It's bad enough to have to watch Virginia basketball for two hours, but for the whole thing to culminate in a loss is pain beyond telling. We try to make the best of a bad situation as Duke continues to stumble into the postseason. Are there silver linings? Aaron thought of one, but folks, you're not going to like it. Some Les Mis, thanks to Coach K, plus lots of Twitter questions. Onward, we guess.

Episode 30: In the Wake of Disaster

The inexcusable loss. The narrative shatterer. This is the one we can't rationalize, folks, but we're here to spread doom and gloom, and then find the ray of sunshine. It's Shane, Ariana, and Aaron ringing in the 30th episode in the worst way possible after the Wake Forest loss. What's our ceiling? Where's our redemption? Is the ACC lost for good? All that, plus a new podcast ad, texts from Ariana to her family, and a surprising amount of singing.

Episode 29: Whiplash Week

We are BACK AS HELL, and we are talking about the N.C. State drubbing, and the comeback win against Virginia Tech. With Florida State, Louisville, and we Dukies tied atop the league, the endgame promises to be scintillating. We catch up on the squad, iron out our plans for the rest of the season, and ask: If Cassius plays like this always, WILL WE EVER LOSE?

Episode 28: Irish Eyes Are Weeping Profusely

In one glorious five-minute stretch, Duke transcended the misery-laden world and showed us what basketball would be like in the ethereum. The rest of the game was really good to. Shane and Aaron are on hand to discuss a Duke classic, and a much-needed coronation-slash-celebration against Notre Dame. We also take listener questions, and spend a surprising amount of time discussing Mosaic Law in the interest of avenging Cassius.

Episode 27: The Best Win of the Year

You read the title, FOOLS. The Florida State win was a gem, and Shane, Ariana, and Aaron are here to wax jubilant about a true triumph of toughness, teamwork, and the third famous T which I won't deign to name here. We also have a new ad, we categorize Duke's hatable whites, and we ask an important question: What would you do if you were invisible? Content warning: This episode contains references to perverts and al-Qaeda.

Episode 26: Instant Reaction to the Florida State Win

It's Shane jamming solo moments after the Florida State game, a gritty gutty triumph that went to the Blue Devils, as Ariana and Aaron cowardly refuse to record until Tuesday. Shane can't wait, so listen here for 17 minutes of gushing about the tremendous team performance that earned Duke a win under very difficult circumstances. WE ARE SO HAPPY.

Episode 25: Drinking the Sweet Carolina Tears

Well, what can we say about the best, most hilarious, most triumphant game of the year so far? We're still baffled as to how we won against Carolina despite losing at least twice, and we're here to hash it out. Praise to Tre, Praise to Wendell, praise to life itself. Plus, should the Crazies have burned someone alive afterward? A philosophical discussion.

Episode 24.1: We're Back, Baby, and Coach K Must Answer For His Sins

We're back, Shane is done traveling for the time being, and we're catching up on Pitt, Syracuse, and the extremely lovely Boston College win that has rendered us speechless. Then we're on to Coach K: Tension abounds in the room as we discuss the merits or DEmerits of his tirade against our people, the Crazies. Should they unionize and strike? Listen for the answer.

Episode 24: We're Still Alive, I Promise

This 2-minute episode, featuring just Shane and a special guest, is not intended as a canonical Cameron Lazies ep, but rather a short statement that yes, we are in fact alive, no, the podcast is not dead, and yes, we're about to start recording like crazy this coming week and throughout the rest of the season. Rumors of our demise have been greatly exaggerated, and the lack of episodes lately can be blamed entirely on Shane's travel. Thank you! See you soon!

Episode 23: Kobe Bryant's Death, Coach K's Successor

Strange vibes today as we record just a couple hours after news came that Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash. We talk about the death, his legacy, and the reactions, and then we move to Coach K's successor. Who will it be? Will it definitely come from the Duke coaching tree? There is no obvious option, so we hash it out.

Episode 22: The Second Slaughter of Miami, Plus Brawls

We wish Miami played us every single night. It's another beatdown of the Canes, which we analyze, and manage to find some negatives among the bounty. What's with Vern's hands? Is AOC forgotten? Then we talk ads, lingerie, the Wes Durham pop'n'play conspiracy, and the Kansas—K-State brawl.

Episode 21: Physically Ill After Louisville

Well, we lost. Aaron and Shane are here to diagnose what went wrong (hint: it was a lot, including Tre's defense, the refs, Vern's softness, etc. etc.), whether we can learn anything, or whether we just have to sit here and take the gutshot of losing a game that seemed to be there for the winning. Content Warning: Ariana's not here, so pessimism ran wild. Some mild Cassius worship, otherwise it's a dour time. BUT...we have a new sponsor.

Episode 20: Previewing Louisville with Mike Rutherford of SBNation and CardChronicle

The title gives it away! Louisville comes to Duke Saturday, and Shane sits down with Mike Rutherford, founder of and the college basketball editor at SBNation, to talk about the state of Louisville in year two of the Chris Mack era, and what we can expect from the Cardinals on Saturday. Mike also drops some knowledge about what Rick Pitino said about our own Matthew Hurt when he was just a freshman in high school!

Episode 19: Clemson Ends the Perfect ACC Season

Shane and Aaron get into a fight early, but it's Duke's fault because they ratcheted up our emotions with a tough road loss to Clemson. We're talking about the team's shortcomings when the rubber hit the road, how Hurt and AOC can't be counted on to play good defense, and how Vern's missed foul shots and general poor play cost us. Also, WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?? Finally, we talk about the farce that is video replay in sports, and announce our very first sponsor. Bartleby the Scrivener and the panopticon get a mention.

Episode 18: DeForesting Wake, Plus Our Teams of the Decade

We wax jubilant on another dominant win—how 'bout Tre ending Childress' career?—and then it's time, a few weeks late, four our TEAMS OF THE DECADE. Not just best players, but our favorite games, our all-comedy team, and a Duke villain team. Greg Paulus coaches all of them.

Episode 17: Surviving the Yellow Jackets

Duke played a brilliant first half, blew it, and then battened down the hatches for a tough ACC road win. Shane, Aaron, and Ariana are here to talk about what was good, what was bad, and what was infuriating. Plus, the feud between Shane and Aaron's mom escalates, and Ariana continues to push the Vernon Hands Theorem.

Episode 16: More Like Hurrican'ts. Reliving the Miami Win.

We won't lie, we're drunk on victory and it's a bit of a goofy pod today as we relentlessly torment Aaron, who torments us back with semantics, and somehow in the midst of all this we talk about another unbelievable effort from the Dukies...this time on the road against Miami. A complete effort turned a game we unanimously thought would be tough into a complete laugher, and together we toast the Blue Devils—and the return of Great Cassius—while talking about philosophical matters such as the true "music of the game."

Episode 15: BC Bludgeoning, and Predictions for the New Year

The Blue Devils played their best half of the year to erase any hope Boston College may have had of staging an upset, and the Lazies are on the case, analyzing what made us so good. Some poetic odes to our defense follow, along with a warning to anyone sitting in the first two rows when Vern and Jav are sending shots dangerously into the crowd. Then it's on to 2020, where Aaron starts a beef with Wes Durham, we uncover a Jim Boeheim nose-picking conspiracy, and finish with predictions for the new year.